AggieLife is Moving 

Image of Aggielife transition

The current platform we are using for student organization management and engagement will be ending on December 31.  The full launch of the new platform will be January 1.   All groups that are currently registered will be moved to the new platform and members will be added to their respective groups. Events occurring after January 1 will be moved to the new platform.

In preparation for this transition we suggest the following steps to take as leaders of your organizations.

  • Download any photos, files and forms, including submissions that are within your group portal. We will not be able to move any individual group files to the new platform.
  • Update your roster. Remove any members from your roster that are no longer active in your group. We will only be moving assigning primary leaders to positions. All other members will be listed as members. We suggest downloading your roster so you can add positions to members once the new system is live.


We will be providing additional information, resources and training on the new platform as we get closer to the transition.