Center for Student Involvement (CSI) wants to help you make the most out of your time at UC Davis. Being involved in student organizations has many benefits: building a sense of community on campus, professional development, academic support, connecting with faculty members, and leadership development.  There are social, professional, academic, religious, cultural, and service organizations on campus that can support you and make your UC Davis career meaningful in one way or another. For example, organizations hosting networking events or with faculty advisors can connect you with internship and research opportunities. Read more to gain a better understanding of how to get involved with student organizations on campus and connect with other helpful campus resources.

There are many benefits students receive for being involved on campus!

  • Become a leader
  • Find a place to belong
  • Network and make friends
  • Get academic support
  • Learn new skills
  • Gain career experience
  • Make a difference
  • Discover your passions
  • Reduce stress and have fun
Business Career and Networking Club's Networking Event
Business Career and Networking Club's Networking Event.

Being involved in a student organization is also a great way to jumpstart developing your professional skills.

Professional Skills

Center for Student Involvement and student organizations can help make your transition to UC Davis smoothing the following five dimensions: learning resources, connecting, familiarity, negotiating, and integrating yourself with the campus community.

Learning Resources- CSI is one of many resources available to you on campus.  By being involved in student organizations or coming up to the CSI office, you can learn more about formal and informal resources at UC Davis that can help you be successful during your time her.  Student org members or CSI staff can refer you to offices, staff members, or programs as needed.

Connecting- When starting at a new institution, make new friends and building new relationships can feel like a daunting task.  Joining a student organization is a great way to find friends and community.

Familiarity- Members of student organizations that have been on campus a few years will be able to help you become more familiar with campus.  They will be able to help you connect the dots between classes, campus resources, campus traditions, and co-curricular activities.

Negotiating- As time goes on, you will be able to better negotiate your way around your new surroundings. You will need to find a new place to study, eat lunch, and hang out.  Student organizations often hold study hours for their members, sit together at a table in the CoHo for lunch, and plan social events.

Integrating- Student organizations will be able to help you balance your academic, social, and physical environments. In addition to hosting study hours as previously mentioned, student organizations may have faculty members as advisors that can help you find research opportunities. Student organizations are a great way to connect with people that have similar values and hobbies or people that can challenge and expand your world view. 

There are over 750 registered student organizations at UC Davis!  CSI can help you get connected to the organizations you are most interested quickly so you can make the most out of your two years on campus. You can stop by our office for advice on how to find and join organizations, or you can log into AggieLife and search through the registered student organizations anytime that works best given your busy schedule. This tool allows you to search by keyword, category, name of organization and are provided with information about the organization and a way to get in contact with the president. Looking for way more interactive way to find a student organization to join? Check out CSI's annual Involvement Fair!  The Involvement Fair showcases 180+ student organizations in early October on the Quad. This a great opportunity to start your search for an organization to join.

Involvement Fair
Center for Student Involvement's 2014 Involvement Fair.

Can't find an exisitng student organization you want to join? CSI can help you register a new organization! All you need is a unique idea for a student organization and five currently enrolled UC Davis students (yourself include) to be officers. You can learn more about the process for starting a new student organization here.

 In addition to the Center for Student Involvement, there are many other offices and programs that can help make you transition to UC Davis successful.