If at any time information about your group changes (such as its name or status of the five officers/student leaders) you need to update the registration in your group’s OrgSync profile. All five officers are responsible for approving the changes to the group registration.

If the officer who completed the Orientation for the current registration period has left office, the new President or Treasurer must complete the Registration Orientation.

Login to OrgSync

Select group under My Memberships at top of page



Select settings on the right side and select organization settings.


This will take you to the profile page or registration information.


You will need to go through each page and make whatever changes are necessary.   Make sure you select next at each page and on the final page select finish.

This will prompt a message to all officers to review the registration and complete the terms and conditions.

Let officers know to follow directions in email from OrgSync.

Review of registration update will not occur until all five officers have completed the terms and conditions.