We are a group of undergraduates that are striving to raise funds to help set up learning skills centers that not only focus on education but provide leadership opportunities to underprivileged children in Sri Lanka and India.

We realize the importance of Education and Leadership because we are fortunate to have a college experience here at UC Davis. So, we like to organize events that not only celebrate our community but also emphasize the extent to which we can reach out and make a difference.

We host events to increase cultural awareness in the community, strengthen our sense of community and encourage the importance of service and outreach. Last year, we hosted an event called “Culture Shock” in which we had different cultural groups perform! It certainly lived up to our goal of creating awareness and strengthening the sense of community at UC Davis.

How many members do you have?


Past events/activities:

We always meet for general meetings at least once a month, have potluck socials where everyone can come out to eat and mingle. Fundraisers for our philanthropy such as date auctions, cultural food nights, and mixers with other organizations, and trips off campus!

What are the benefits of being involved in your organization?

Benefits include working for an amazing cause, making a significant difference in the lives of children and encouraging them to have and live their dreams, meeting passionate people working towards the same goal and sharing similar ideologies, and above all organizing and being a part of events that are truly, culturally enriching!Does your organization collaborate with other student organizations?

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