Activation Process

Once your RSO is registered, you may activate your Agency Account at any time during the year. Your account will be activated within 10 working days following payment of the annual fee.

  • Agency Account activation fees vary. If your student organization registered and activated its agency account by June 30, 2021, the fee is $35. After that date, the fee is $55. New student organizations always qualify for the $35 fee.
  • New accounts or existing accounts without $35 (or $55) balance: Bring the annual activation fee in cash or check payable to UC Regents and a PRINTED copy of your registration approval/confirmation email to the ARC Business Center (Room 156). This email will be automated and sent from your CSI contact to the primary leaders listed on the registration form
  • Existing accounts with $35+ (or $55+) balance: The annual activation fee will be automatically deducted from your existing agency account. No action is necessary.


Checking Your Balance

Your student organization’s agency account balance and listing of transactions are no longer available in AggieLife.  Presidents/Primary Leaders and Treasurers/Financial Officers can request information by completing the Agency Account Information Request form.

If you have questions about your agency account balance or transactions, please contact CSI at getinvolved@ucdavis.edu

Deposits to Agency account

 If your student organization needs to make a deposit to your agency account please follow the steps :

1. Complete and submit a deposit request form to the ARC Business Center. The Business Center is open Monday to Friday 10am-3pm.  
2. All checks must be made payable to UC Regents.
3. The Business Center will process all deposits. These deposits will be credited to your account within five business days.


Policies and Forms

Agency Account Policies (PDF)

Student Organization Deposit Form (PDF)

Sample W-9 (PDF)

Agency Account Transaction Request Form (AggieLife Form)

  • This form is for all transaction requests, including:
    • Departmental Funding: when RSO has been approved for a grant/funding from another department
    • Check Request: when requesting funds for reimbursement to an individual or for deposit in RSO agency account or off-campus bank account, or to pay vendor or for services provided
    • Transfer of funds to another RSO Agency Account: when transferring funds from your RSO’s agency account to another RSO’s agency account
  • Only ONE transaction type can be requested at a time.
  • Only the Primary Leader or Treasurer/Financial Officer (as listed on the RSO’s registration in AggieLife) are permitted to submit transaction requests.
  • Transactions will be processed within 15 business days (3 weeks) after form approval. Time sensitive requests or those with deadlines should be submitted with that processing timeline in mind.