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  • Club Finance Council (CFC) is an ASUCD and Pepsi-funded program that provides grants to help pay for educational programs, guest speakers, conferences, performances, cultural shows, publications and other events that enrich campus life.
  • Registered undergraduate student organizations in good standing with the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) are eligible to apply for funding. RSO’s can receive up to $3,000 per year or event in CFC Funding.
  • The CFC Board consists of 13 dedicated undergraduate students who help support student organizations by allocating funding to their events, programs, and publications.
  • Members gain experience in budget review, grant allocation, leadership, and group dynamics. The CFC Board is selected during Spring/Summer quarter each year to serve during the following year through a collaborative interview process with the Center for Student Involvement and ASUCD.
  • Grant applications must be submitted 30 days prior to the event. The applications open day 1 of week 1 for Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarter and are reviewed in weeks 2 – 7 of those quarters. Events during weeks 1 through 4 must be submitted during the application cycle of the previous quarter. Please review our Application Cycles for each quarter before applying.
  • Once you submit your CSI Grant Orientation for Undergraduate RSO’s and Grant Application, a CFC board member will review your application with you to learn more about your event/activity/publication and provide you with an opportunity to share more details. This is called your Intake Meeting. You will be notified on how to schedule this meeting after submitting your application.
  • Events costs that may be considered would be those reviewed in the online orientation completed prior to the application.  As a reminder, events related to membership-induction functions or internal club functions are not eligible such as general club flyers, training materials, organization retreats, member-only events, etc.

In addition, CFC has no obligation to fund any group on a regular, annual, or continuing basis.

For more info on the Application Process, go to the ‘How to Apply’ tab.

If, however, you haven’t submitted your application yet, but you have general questions about how to apply and/or want to have a CFC Board Member provide suggestions for your application before you turn in your grant, please feel free to attend drop-in office hours with some CFC Board members. See the current office hours schedule here. For quick questions, you can also email the CSI Grants Manager at