CSI Conference room


For Registered Student Organization (RSO) officer/board meetings, please note the follow conditions for reservations:

    • Must be only for officer/board meetings
    • Must not exceed maximum capacity of 12
    • Must be made for 1-hour time blocks
    • Must be made between normal CSI hours of operation (Monday to Friday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm)
    • RSOs are allowed a maximum of three reservations per quarter
    • Reservations may not be made earlier than two weeks in advance of a meeting and must be within the current quarter
    • Must agree to move meeting to CSI lounge if conference room is needed by staff for a meeting
    • Must clean up after the meeting is over
    • RSOs will not be able to make reservations if the room is not cleaned up at the end of the meeting
Conference Room Availibility