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Davis Dance Revolution (DDR) is an annual dance competition that features traditional and modern student dance groups at UC DAVIS.  Each year these talented groups go head to head to see who will be crowned the most skilled dance organization on campus. Cheer on your #DancingAggies as they compete and prepare to be dazzled!

The Center for Student Involvement invites you to join us as this signature dance competition returns once again on Picnic Day (April 15th, 2023) in the University Credit Union Center on campus.

Groups in Order of Performance


Davis Chinese Dance Team

Davis Chinese Dance, established in 2017, is a student organization dedicated to showcasing traditional Chinese dance, Chinese folk dance, and Chinese contemporary dance. Our goal is to share Chinese culture and art with the UC Davis community and beyond. Give it up for Davis Chinese Dance!!

Na Keki O Hawai’i

Nā Keiki O Hawai’i (nAh kay-kee oh huh-vai-ee) at UC Davis strives to promote the culture of the Polynesian Islands through dance. This year, NKOH will be opening with hula from the Hawaiian islands, then will take you to the islands of New Zealand with their poi (poy) performance, and will be closing with ori Tahiti (oh-ree tah-hee-tee) from the Tahitian islands.

Mga Kaibigan

Mga Kaibigan dance troup is a group underneath Mga Kapatid, a Pilipinx American Student Association that means mean “My Brothers and Sisters.” Mga Kapatid provides personal, social, cultural and academic support, to spread political awareness and consciousness on issues relevant to the Philippine American community. Tinikling is a national dance of the Philippines meant to imitate the movements of the “long-legged” tikling bird dodging bamboo traps in the rice fields. It originated during the Spanish occupation on the Island ofLeyte (lay-tay) and when the King of Spain punished disobedient locals by clapping two bamboo poles together against their ankles.


MOBility is a diverse group of individuals who bond over their passion for dance, whichprimarily focuses on hip-hop, pop, and contemporary dance. All team members comefrom various backgrounds, each with their own unique strengths. Their values ofrelationship cultivate a strong and positive team dynamic that allows them to excel asdancers. MOBility is not only just a dance crew, but they are a family that believes ininnovation through inspiring one another.

Unbound Progression Dance Company

Unbound Progression Dance Company is a dance group for all students at UC Davis that have a passion for dance and styles such as jazz, contemporary/lyrical, and hip-hop. Rehearsals focus on building technique and mastering choreography for performances. Members are provided leadership opportunities to choreograph and teach. Enjoy!

MK Modern

MK Modern is an open-style dance team from UC Davis, and began when a group of students, who were involved in Mga Kapatid’s  Annual Pilipino Culture Night, decided to pursue their passion for modern dance and take it to the next level. Since its humble beginnings, this family that is united through the art of movement has evolved into a prominent dance group at UC Davis that continually offers dancers from all backgrounds a place to do what they love.




Agape (ah-gah-pay) is a Christian based dance team, set out to glorify God and the talents He’s given us. We dance to experience and share this GREAT love and joy. Our non-audition team consists of dancers and non-dancers alike, from all different skill sets, backgrounds and age groups. Agape, meaning unconditional love, hopes to spread this community to its team members and all of the audience.


DanceHolic specializes in jazz dance and choreography as a pop-dance team. In the era of modern dance, DanceHolic is dedicated to being the only modern jazz dance team at UC Davis and wishes more people could know more about jazz culture. Since 2019, DanceHolic has kept trying to explore more possibilities in modern jazz choreography.

H2O Dance Crew

H20 Dance Crew; pronounced [ache-two-oh] “H2O is an open-style performance dance crew at UC Davis that specializes in hip-hop contemporary fusion. The acronym ‘H2O’ is short for Home To One. We are a safe space for people to grow together and support each other through dance. Find us on Instagram @h2odancecrew.”

Released Contemporary Dance Company

Released Contemporary Dance Company, also known as RCDC, is a student run dance training and performance group. Our goal is to bring a focused contemporary dance style to UC Davis. As a company, we provide performance and creative expression opportunities for individuals with substantial dance and performance experience in ballet, jazz, modern and contemporary styles. RCDC is so excited to be competing in its first DDR since 2015! Our piece today was choreographed by Emily Barham, Sheena Uchino, Abigail Sosa, and Mikayla Freeman. We hope you all enjoy!

AX Dance Crew

A Cross Dance Crew is the first and only UC Davis-based Chinese choreography dance team created in January 2018. Written as AX(read as ‘X’), and pronounced as A-Cross, our name is created based on the meaning of dancing across the globe. We aim at creating dances that approach Chinese and Western Dance Culture. Today, we will be presenting an AX version of the movie series “Fast and Furious”. Please also follow us on Instagram, YouTube, and Tik Tok for more information.

Doors will open at 6:00PM and the show will begin at 7:00PM.