For University purposes, fundraising is defined as “any activity in which money is collected on campus.” Even if all you wish to do is break even or recover costs, your activity will be considered fundraising if money is collected. An Application to Raise Funds must be completed and approved for each fundraising activity. Only registered student organizations can fundraise at UCD. 


Complete the Application to Raise Funds on AggieLife and submit to CSI.

Status of application will be available within 7 business days on AggieLife. If your activity is approved, you will receive a Permit to Sell


The following activities require advance approval from CSI:

  • Charging admission to scheduled events such as speakers, conferences, films, tournaments and dances
  • Collecting donations or sales at meetings, events or MU/Silo outdoor tables (facility or table reservation required).
  • The sponsoring group must receive at least 5% of the gross income and a written agreement signed by the vendor and the organization to this effect shall be presented to CSI.
  • Sponsorship of a vendor cannot exceed 7 consecutive days.
  • Baked goods must satisfy Bake Sale Guidelines.
  • Items sold for commercial use  is prohibited on campus. May be considered only when item is altered (i.e.  flowers with a message; DIY mixed candy package).

The following activities do NOT require advance approval from CSI:

  • Collecting membership dues at a club meeting.
  • Applying for campus grants. (i.e. Club Finance Council (CFC) and Student Recruitment and Retention Center)
  • Concessions coordinated by Student Housing and Dining Services.
  • Soliciting donations, gifts, or sponsorships off-campus. However, organizations must explicitly not state as a representative of the University. 

Funds cannot be used for personal gain and should be consistent with organization’s purpose. Funds that your group raises may be used to cover costs of the following types of expenses:

  • Instructors, speakers, films
  • Publicity
  • Operational costs, postage, office supplies, and AV equipment
  • Transportation
  • Literature
  • Equipment
  • Conferences and retreats (funds may be used to send delegates to conferences or to host)
  • Facility use fee
  • Social activities


Publicity materials must clearly indicate that no purchase or donation is necessary for participation. Anyone requesting a free raffle ticket must be provided one. Printed tickets must have the organization name and, if a dollar amount is listed, the word “donation” must appear.


May not be sold on campus except on Picnic Day and Culture Days, or under very limited and specific conditions. All sales require advance approval by CSI, Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S), Fire and, if applicable, University Dining Services, to determine compliance with  regulations. Food preparation must take place in a University-approved kitchen and organizations must attend a mandatory training.


  • Submit an Application to Raise Funds. You must obtain fundraising approval from CSI prior to printing the items.
  • Your organization’s name must be identified on the items. You may not use the University name, except to describe the location (i.e. “Social Club at UC Davis”).
  • The design must be related to the organization’s purpose.
  • The names or logos of any sponsors must be incidental in prominence to organization name and item design.
  • To use UC Davis name or logo, you must comply with University Trademark Guidelines.

Licensed vendors: All Licensees

  • If the event is sponsored by a professional school organization, the Application to Raise Funds must be signed by the department representative.


Players cannot win any money or prizes, including trophies. Refer to Penal Code 337j(e)(1).