Greek Life Expansion

interested in establishing a chapter at uc davis?

The Sorority and Fraternity community at the University of California, Davis is a large, diverse community of about 3,000 students within 6 governing councils that represent a variety of values, principles, and identities. We value and seek organizations whose ideals align with the mission and vision of the university and are committed to providing the resources necessary to cultivate a strong and sustainable organization. The university recognizes an organization that offers a valuable component of the undergraduate experience and the growth of the sorority and fraternity life that advances the university mission and goals.

 The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life (OSFL) oversees the expansion process for all social, professional, and culturally-based fraternal organizations. The act of expansion is a time-intensive, resource-demanding, and potentially enriching process for all parties involved. The expansion process serves to ensure that petitioning fraternities and sororities become successful contributors to the missions of the University of California-Davis, the fraternity and sorority community, and its respective organizations. Our expansion policy is designed to educate the interested University of California, Davis students, and inter/national fraternity and sororities of the procedures necessary to become affiliated as a prospective chapter or organization at the University.

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important notes

  • Any organization seeking expansion must understand that NO PLEDGING CEREMONIES NOR INITIATIONS NOR INTEREST/RECRUITMENT/INTAKE MEETINGS are to occur until the group has received written notification from the university granting permission to become a fraternity or sorority at UC Davis. 
  • An organization is not prohibited from identifying students interested in forming a new fraternity or sorority on campus.

2019 – 2020 Expansion Packet