New Student Organization Registration

Are you looking into starting a new organization on campus? You have come to the right place! The steps for new student organization registration are listed below.


STEP 1: Determine Your Organization's Purpose

It’s crucial that you spend time determining the purpose and category of your organization. Each student organization is required to describe clearly and specifically the purpose of the organization. If the stated purpose is too vague or general, you will be contacted to provide more information. The purpose of the organization should be consistent with the educational nature of the University and will be publicized on the student organization’s AggieLife profile.

While this is not required, creating a constitution for your organization can be helpful for your student organization to have a vision and a base to follow and refer back to. Want to learn more about creating a shared vision among your officer team? Check out our leadership tips!

If you are seeking to create a fraternity or sorority, you must contact Gabi Ballesteros, Sorority and Fraternity Life Coordinator, at to review the process for recognition. OSFL review and approval is required before you may pursue the CSI registration process.

STEP 2: Select an Organization Name and Category

Once you have determined your organization’s purpose, it’s time to create a unique and clear name for your organization! Please be aware of the following rules and policies regarding the use of UC Davis in your organization’s name, and duplicate organization names:

  • Student organization names must comply with University Name and Trademark policy.  All variances of names and visual representations of the University of California, Davis, are considered UC Davis trademarks.  The marks include any trademark, service mark, name, logo, insignia, seal, design, or other symbol or device associated with or referring to UC Davis. Also included are any word, phrase, or image that implies association with the University, such as “Cal Aggie” or “Go Ags!”
  • The University owns these trademarks and must approve their use.
  • Student organizations may use the University name (including any abbreviation) only to describe its location, but not as part of its name.  Example: “Service Club at UC Davis” is permitted, but “UC Davis Service Club” is not permitted.
  • Student organizations may use the term “Aggie” as part of a name, but not “Cal Aggie.” Example: “Aggie Cultural Association” is permitted, but Cal Aggie Cultural Association” is not permitted. [If the name of your group is the same as, or very similar to, that of another group (campus or off campus), then you must clearly differentiate your group’s name. Terms that may help you differentiate your name include “at UC Davis” or “Campus Chapter of.” Examples: Campus NOW, Campus Chapter of Girl Scouts.
  • With the permission of Center for Student Involvement, student organizations may use the “UC Davis” logo, “Go Ags!” logo, or athletics logos.  Groups are not permitted to use the University seal or “Cal Aggie” logo.
  • Anyone violating the provisions of California Education Code 92000, which prohibit use of the University name without permission, is guilty of a misdemeanor. We urge groups to review all publicity materials used in any event they sponsor to insure accurate representation. Since individuals may be misled into thinking the University is associated with an event that uses its name, the University is exposed to potential liability should someone suffer damage or injury at the event. The University will seek indemnification from groups for any damages it may suffer as a result of unauthorized use of the University’s name.

You will need to select a primary category.


  • Academic/Honors: The mission of an organization in this category is to build community around a specific major, academic department, and/or field of study, provide academic support, and create close relationships with related departments or disciplines. Honors organizations can have  membership parameters based on meeting a certain criteria (academic achievement, leadership, involvement, etc.) and whose purpose is to recognize excellence in specific areas.
  • Advocacy and/or Political: The mission of an organization in this category is to advocate for a political goal or social issues.
  • Arts and Entertainment: The mission of an organization in this category is to create and promote the use, support, and showcase of their various entertainment (vocal, theater, comedy, music production) and various creative arts (art, literature, writing, film and other creative skills). This category is eligible for upgraded insurance coverage.
  • Community Service: The mission of an organization in this category is to provide a wide variety of safe, well-planned volunteer, community service and philanthropic opportunities locally and/or globally.
  • Dance Performance: The mission of an organization in this category is to practice the art of dance for the purposes of performing in shows or competitions either on campus or off. This category is eligible to access additional practice space as well as upgraded insurance coverage.
  • Environmental/Sustainability: The mission of an  organization in this category is to educate and encourage participation in sustaining the environment.
  • Ethnic/Cultural/Identity-Based: The mission of an  organization in this category is to develop a sense of community among members who have a shared interest in exploring  identities and experiences such as geographical orgin, race, class, gender, sexual orientation, ability, ethnicity and others. These organizations also often explore intersectionality among various identities.
  • Fraternity or Sorority: An organization in this category is directly affiliated with the UC Davis Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life and has an existing relationship with a recognized Greek governing council.
  • Graduate Student Organization: An organization whose membership is primarily composed of students currently enrolled in a Graduate/Post baccalaureate program. This category is eligible for additional campus privileges specific to graduate students such as funding, facility use, etc.
  • Health and Wellness: The mission of an organization in this category is to educate and encourage participation in health and wellness initiatives or causes.
  • Professional: The mission of an organization in this category is to connect students that are interested in related professions, and seeks to prepare students for a career.
  • Recreation/Sports: The mission of an organization in this category is to encourage participation and/or engage in sports, games or recreation-based activities. This category is eligible for upgraded insurance coverage.
  • Religious/and or Spiritual: The mission of an organization in this category is to focus on the activities related to shared beliefs with a group generally recognized as spiritual, religious, or  freethinkers, humanists, and/or  secularist.
  • School of Law: An organization in this category is affiliated with the UC Davis School of Law.
  • School of Management: An organization in this category is affiliated with the UC Davis School of Management.
  • School of Medicine: An organization in this category is affiliated with the UC Davis School of Medicine.
  • School of Nursing: An organization in this category is affiliated with the UC Davis School of Nursing.
  • School of Veterinary Medicine: An organization in this category is affiliated with the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Undergraduate Student Run Clinic: The mission of an organization in this category is to have undergraduate students who support and volunteer at a local Non-profit Clinic in the Northern California Region (Sacramento, and Yolo Counties).
STEP 3: Select Three Primary Leaders

Select up to three currently registered UC Davis students who will be leaders of the organization. Primary Leader, Secondary Leader, and Treasurer/Financial Officer are required. All three leaders will need to complete terms and conditions as part of the registration process.  An email notification will be sent to each leader identified in the registration.

If you plan to make on-campus reservations, you will also need to delegate one to two out of the three officers to be Authorized Reservers. The Authorized Reservers are responsible for reserving space on campus for events and meetings.  An agency account is required to make reservations.

STEP 4: Select Student Org Track

Select a track for your student organization. Your track will help the Center for Student Involvement team support your organization throughout the year.

Track Guide:

Organization activities by Track:

Track 1: Involvement Fair, tabling at the MU, fundraising

Track 2: Track 1 + reserve space for general meetings (less than 4 hr/week)

Track 3: Track 1 +Track 2 + reserve space for special events, apply for CSI grants

Track 4: All SFL and USRSOs- Track 1 + Track 2 + Track 3 + hosting special events.

Starting Winter 2025 club officers will be assigned trainings and expectations that correlate to your Track level. 

STEP 5: Complete the New Student Organization Registration

To register a new organization follow the steps below.

  1. Log into the new AggieLife using your login information.
  2. After logging in select Groups at the top of the main page.
  3. Select the All Groups button and you will see a blue box ‘Register new Student Organization’ to begin the process.
  4. Follow the instructions in the form.
    1. Be sure to review all the information to make certain it is correct and if there is anything that needs to be updated.
    2. You will need to identify 3 students that will serve as leaders. They will receive an email notification to complete the terms and conditions.


STEP 6: Primary Leaders complete Terms and Conditions

As part of registration renewal, each leader must complete online Terms & Conditions as it aims to equip leaders with the tools and skills needed to understand the different policies and procedures in running a student organization.  An email notification will be sent to all three leaders. 

STEP 7: Attend Intake Meeting with CSI Staff

A CSI staff member will contact the student to schedule an intake meeting with an option to bring other members along. At the meeting, the CSI staff member and student leader(s) discuss the mission and purpose of the proposed student organization, responsibilities of proposed officers, etc. This required for Tracks 2, 3 and 4

STEP 8: Receive Final Approval and Next Steps

Pending CSI approval for the new organization, completed orientation, next steps include receiving your mailbox number, CSI Primary Contact, and agency account activation.

Receive your CSI mailbox number. Once your organization is approved, you will receive an on campus mailbox number, located in the Center for Student Involvement Office, on the 4th floor of the MU. Please keep in mind that this mailbox is for letters only – no packages will be accepted!

Agency Account Instructions Agency Accounts are required for reserving classrooms and campus facilities as well as applying for grants from CFC and Beyond Tolerance. To open an Agency Account, you are required to pay the $35 annual fee. Although it differs from a typical bank account in that you have no checkbook, it may be used as the organization’s general operating fund for all income, expenditures and campus recharges. Agency Accounts expire on June 30 of the academic year in which they were activated.

Two of the three officers identified in your Registration Form may serve as Authorized Reservers. Authorized Reservers have access to make reservations on behalf of your student organization.