Environmental Health & Safety is the department responsible for the policy on food service.

Source Document: PPM 290-40 Health and Safety Services

Providing Food

If your organization would like to provide food for your meetings, you can refer to the list of Approved Caterers.  If the food you would like to provide is not prepackaged or on the list of Approved Caterers then you are required to have a meeting with your reservation coordinator.


Selling Food

Food and beverage (other than bake sales) may not be sold on campus by student organizations and sport clubs on campus except on Picnic Day and Culture Days, or under very limited and specific conditions.

All food and beverage sales require advance approval by CSI, Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S), Fire and, if applicable, University Dining Services, to determine compliance with detailed regulations. Food preparation must take place in a University-approved kitchen and organizations must attend a mandatory training. Contact CSI for more information.

Bake sale guidelines apply whether the food is sold or provided for free. Want to know how to plan and host a successful bake sale? Check out the tips below.



For reservations/events on campus, there are specific policies and procedures related to Catering, Concessions, Food Trucks, Potlucks and Self-Catering. Please work with your Reservation Coordinator to ensure you are in compliance with these expectations.