Making Reservations


Each RSO is allowed to assign 2 primary leaders as authorized reservers, only authorized reservers can make reservations. In order to gain access to the Conference and Event Services system (Updating your Authorized Reservers after completing registration can take 2-5 business days).

You must have an active Agency Account to make a room reservation. Accounts expire June 30th of every year. Agency Accounts must be reactivated with the ARC Business Center.

Reservation Quickstart Guide:

Change Authorized Reservers:

Learn about the Meeting Reservation process:

Learn about the Special Event Reservation process:

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Requesting Reservations
  1. To reserve a room, go to the CES website and click on Students, Staff and Campus Interest Groups to access the Online Reservation form.
  2. Click on Make a Reservation and choose the appropriate account and organization profile which you are planning to make a reservation for. Then, choose an insurance option for your event. (Most RSOs fall under the University Insurance Policy.)
  3. Once completed, you will be presented with a page that details the building/room, date, attendance, and client/event times. Fill out the requested information to proceed.
    • Client Access Time: The time that the RSO (client) is allowed in the facility for their own setup and cleanup.
    • Event Time: The actual time of the event when guests are expected to be in the facility.
    • If you’re planning multiple events for the quarter, you can easily duplicate an event by checking the boxes on the bottom and clicking Add Another Facility Use. A second listing will appear with a copy of the information you have indicated to duplicate. Simply change any information desired for your next meeting.
  4. After you’ve decided when, where, and how many events you’re going to reserve, you can proceed to fill out all additional details regarding your reservation. This will let us know a little more about what’s going on at your events, what exceptions you might need and how we might contact you if needed. If anything has been improperly filled out, you’ll be given an alert letting you know what the submission issue is and how it may be fixed to proceed.
  5. After you’ve filled everything out and hit that submission button, you are finished with your reservation request! Once it’s been processed, you’ll be sent an email with a confirmation for your event.

Approval Process

Once the confirmation has been received, you will receive an email letting you know that the meeting has been approved.  The contents of the email include approval, how to create an event for the meeting on AggieLife, and contact information for the facility manager if there is one.  The contact information is provided for the student organizations so they can reach out and confirm the reservation if necessary. This process could vary depending on the type of reservation requested, please see special event and major event reservations for more details.


Meeting Requests for the following quarter may be reserved the last day of instruction of the current quarter (Fall Quarter requests are accepted the first day of Fall Quarter).

  • For all registered student organizations, they are given four hours of FREE meeting time each week.  Every week (Sunday – Saturday) each organization gets a renewed four hours of free meeting time.
  • Reservation requests for MTGs must be made at least two weekdays in advance to ensure enough time for the approval process.

Create an AggieLife Event Form

After your meeting is confirmed, create an event on your organization’s AggieLife Page as a record of your events throughout the quarter and to communicate via one platform

  1. Head over to AggieLife at and sign in.
  2. Navigate to the Events page. Click on the “Events” page either on a toolbar or your center dashboard. If you are an organization officer you click the top right “Create Event” button to get started. 
  3. Create an event by following the prompts and filling out the necessary fields. 
  4. Once you submit, your event will be reviewed by campus event administrators. You will then be notified of any additional requirements necessary for approval before receiving a final confirmation.
Major Event Reservations

If your event includes at least one of the following conditions, it is classified as Major Event. All Major Event reservations must be submitted at least 6 weeks in advance to ensure the safety of your event.

  1. Over 400 people are expected to attend.
  2. The complexity of the event requires the involvement of multiple campus units (e.g., UC Davis Police Department (UCDPD), UC Davis Fire Department, Risk Management Service, Transportation Services).
  3. The event is likely to significantly affect campus safety and security.
  4. The event is likely to significantly interfere with campus functions or activities.
  5. The event is a dance or concert featuring amplified sound.
  6. The event includes a current political candidate.
  7. Over 100 people are expected to attend and alcohol is intended to be served at the event.

Major Event Policy

Food at Events

For reservations/events on campus, there are specific policies and procedures related to Catering, Concessions, Food Trucks, Potlucks and Self-Catering. Furthermore, not all campus facilites support consumption of food or beverage. Please work with your Facility Manager to ensure you are in compliance.


Food is not permitted in classroom facilities per the University Registrar.

If your organization would like to provide food at your events where food is allowed, please refer to Event Food Service Guidelines.

If the food you would like to provide is not individually wrapped/prepackaged then you are required to have a meeting with your Facility Manager to ensure it is suitable for the given venue.

If the food you would like to provide involves on campus preperation or service, you are required to consult with on campus catering (Olive & Vine) who has first right of refusal.


Food and beverage (other than bake sales) may not be sold on campus by student organizations and sport clubs on campus except on Picnic Day and Culture Days, or under very limited and specific conditions.

All food and beverage sales require advance approval by CSI, Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S), Fire and, if applicable, University Dining Services, to determine compliance with detailed regulations. Food preparation must take place in a University-approved kitchen and organizations must attend a mandatory training. Contact CSI for more information.

Bake sale guidelines apply whether the food is sold or provided for free.

Reservation Fees

Rental Rates for Facilities

Check your Permit! The first thing you should do after getting a reservation confirmation email is to check your permit to see reservation and facility fees that will be charged to your Agency Account in the ‘Estimated Charges’ Section.


Scenario Associated Non-Refundable Reservation Fee
MTGs in a general classroom space, or ARC/MU/SCC meeting room at/under 4 hours per week No cost
MTGs in general classroom space in excess of 4 hours/week $33/room/day
MTGs in ARC/MU/SCC meeting room in excess of 4 hours in a week

$33/room + the following facility-specific fees:

  • MU (Smith, Fielder, Garrison, De Carili, Lower 5): $10/hour/room
  • SCC (Meeting Rooms A, B, C, D, E): $10/hour/room
  • ARC (Meeting Rooms 1,2,3): $10/hour/room
SPE in general classroom space that is free to attend and within allotted 3 Special Events/quarter No cost
SPE in a general classroom space if exceed 3  Special Events/quarter $33/room/day
SPE in paid space or in general classroom space that will include charging/fundraising $33/room/day
Reservations in which RSO is charging or collecting funds (ticket sales, registration fees, fundraising, donations, NOT dues) $33/room/day
Reservation Date Adjustment Results in a cancellation (No CES charges, but there may be additional fees for coordination of services requested through Reservation Coordinator).
Reservation Location Adjustment Results in a cancellation (No CES charges, but there may be additional fees for coordination of services requested through Reservation Coordinator).
Reservation Time Adjustment Changes will incur a coordination fee which will be billed in 15 minute increments at CES hourly rate of $105
Reservation Account Number Adjustment $20 coordination fee for Departments (RSO may only use assigned account)
RSO reserves a non-billable space in  the MU and does not show up $15/hour no show fee

Conference and Event Services Rates

Charge Rate
Event Advising and Coordination (campus client) $105/hour
CES Reservation Fee $33/room/day
Annual Event Priority Access $210 flat rate
Adding Registered Caterer Fee $500
Directional Sign Coordination Fee $105/order
To Avoid Potential Fees/Penalties

If your event includes:

Room alterations

  • You must rearrange the room contents (i.e. furniture, AV equipment, etc.) in their original positions. If the space is not arranged properly and/or missing contents, you may incur charges to restore the room.


  • Please return room contents to their original positions. Please keep in mind there may be other classes in session, and keep noise level at a minimum

Cleaning Up

  • If attendees are being served food or snacks please ensure trash is picked up and thrown away. Any extra time custodial spends cleaning up a room will be paid for by the RSO

Damages of any kind will incur CES coordination fees and Custodial charges to restore the room.

If you did not find the answer to your question, please email CSI at or call the Reservations Hotline at (530) 754-0438.