General Inquiries

How many Special Events can we reserve per quarter?
  • Each RSO is allotted 3 Special events per quarter. RSOs may go over 3 Special Events per quarter and will be charged an additional $32 Reservations Fee for each additional event.
How long can my Special Event (SPE) be?
  • SPEs can be reserved for up to as many hours as the RSO needs in one day without being charged reservation fees.
  • Reservation times will also depend on the operating hours of the facility.
How many hours of meetings can we reserve per week?
  • RSOs can make meeting requests for up to 4 hours per week. RSOs may go over 4 hours per week. Reservations in excess of 4 hours per week will be charged a $32 Reservation Fee.
When can I start reserving rooms for my Meetings (MTG) for the next quarter? When can I start reserving Special Events (SPE)?
  • Fall quarter reservations are accepted the first day of fall quarter. MTGs for the following quarter may be reserved starting the last day of classes of the current quarter.
  • RSOs that re-register during spring quarter for the coming year may reserve space for SPEs through fall quarter. SPEs scheduled for the summer may not be scheduled until the RSO re-registers for the next academic year.

Planning Your Reservations

When can I start booking rooms each quarter? 
  • Fall quarter reservations are accepted the first day of fall quarter instruction.
  • Winter and Spring reservations are accepted the last day of instruction for the previous quarter.
How far in advance do I need to make a reservation for a paid space? For a general classroom space?
  • Booking a billable space requires a minimum of 14 business days prior to the event.
  • Booking a non-billable space in the MU requires a minimum 2 business days prior to the event.
  • General classroom space may be reserved on the day of the desired reservation.
  • RSOs are encouraged to submit reservations in advance in order to ensure the space is available and appropriate time is available for processing
I checked the Space Availability for the room I want to reserve and it showed that it was available, but when I went to reserve the space, I received an error. What’s going on?
  • Facility Setup/Take Down Times: You may be receiving an error because some spaces require additional time needed by the Facility Manager/Reservation Coordinator for setup and cleanup between reservations. A breakdown of set up/take down times per facility can be reviewed here.
  • Reservation Parameters: You may be receiving an error because you’re trying to a reserve a space that requires reservation requests to be made, two business days, two weeks or even 6 weeks in advance. To learn more about reservation parameters please visit the CSI Reservation Page.
  • Exceeding Space Capacity: You may also be receiving an error because the attendance requested exceeds capacity for the space. To check Space Capacity information, click on the name of the space in the Check Space Availability
I need (audio/visual support, tables/chairs rentals, or parking permits) for my event! Who can help?
  • Audio/visual Support: Your organization is responsible for securing AV equipment and technological systems prior to the meeting. If you need additional assistance with setting up AV equipment, check out the ASUCD Entertainment Councilfor rentals.
  • Tables/Chairs: Your organization is responsible for securing event rentals prior to the event. Visit UC Davis Special Services to learn how to secure event rentals for your event. Please note that in order to alter the setup in the room you’ve requested, you must return the room contents (i.e. furniture, AV equipment, etc.) in their original positions after the meeting. If the space is not arranged properly and/or missing contents, you may incur reservation and custodial charges to restore the room.
  • Parking Permits: To obtain parking permits for guest attendees, please visit the Transportation Services Special Events Parking System.
How can I alter (i.e. change date/time/location) an existing reservation?
  • You can adjust the date, time, or location of an existing reservation by Requesting to Alter Existing Reservations
    (or you can click on the “Change Reservation” tab on your CES Dashboard). You can also cancel a reservation on the same page
Why am I required to fill out an Event Form on AggieLife for my event?
  • The AggieLife Event Form is a required process because it allows all those involved with the reservation process to communicate via one platform.
  • RSOs cannot move forward with securing event approvals for SPEs until they complete an Event Form on AggieLife.

Reservation Special Cases

Why was time added to my reservation?
  • This is the mandatory time needed by the Facility Manager/Reservation Coordinator for setup and cleanup between reservations. A breakdown of set up/take down times per facility can be reviewed here.
    • Facility Manager Time: The time needed by the manager for setup and cleanup between reservations.
    • Client Access Time: The time the client is allowed in the facility for their own setup and cleanup.
    • Event Time: The actual time of the event when guests are expected to be in the facility
  • The setup/takedown time does not count towards the 4 hours per week.
I need to reserve a classroom before 6pm during the week. What is the process?
  • Book a reservation for your desired date after 6pm then complete a Request to Alter Existing Reservation.
  • CES and CSI will verify if this request is possible and approve/deny it as they see fit.
Why has my event request been denied?
  • Your RSO had insufficient funds to make the reservation and proof of a deposit was not submitted by the indicated date.
  • You failed to follow up on facility manager instructions.
  • The auto-cancellation date for your event passed.
  • Your reservation slot was bumped for academic use.
  • The wrong type of reservation was booked for the location.
  • There could be a variety of different reason why your event request has been denied. Email CSI ( for additional clarification or any further questions regarding your cancelled event.

Financial Questions

What happens if there is not enough money in my Agency Account to cover the fees accrued?
  • The RSO should deposit funds into the account for any anticipated room reservation charges. If there are insufficient funds, the RSO will be notified and be given a deadline by which to provide a proof of deposit. If this does not happen, the event will be cancelled.
How do I pay any fees associated with my reservation?
  • All fees will come out of your RSO’s Agency Account.
When will we be billed by Conference and Event Services?
  • A reservation fee is billed once a reservations is confirmed
  • The RSO may incur additional charges if the auto cancel date on a reservation needs to be extended.