Registration is an important step to renewing your student organization! Once your student organization is registered, the group is recognized by the University and becomes eligible for many privileges, opportunities, and services. 

Registration for existing groups is currently closed.    Registration will re-open on December 21, 2020 and remain open until  February 7, 2020.

Incoming primary leaders should be responsible for the registration process. They must be added to the Roster on AggieLife in order to do so. Ensure new primary leaders are members of the student organization’s Roster by adding new primary leaders and general members to the student organization’s Roster.

NOTE: You may only add new primary leaders as Members. When all required forms are submitted, CSI will cross-reference all forms, approve the registration, and assign positions.

As part of registration renewal, each of the three primary leaders must complete Terms & Conditions, as it aims to equip each primary leader with the tools and skills needed to understand the different policies and procedures in running a student organization.

Visit AggieLife and submit a Registration Form using the basic instructions here. As part of the registration process, you’ll need to update the following organization details:

Select three currently registered UC Davis students who will be Primary Leaders of the organization. Primary Leaders must be included on the organization’s roster.

Delegate two out of the three Primary Leaders to be Authorized Reservers. The Authorized Reservers are responsible for reserving space on campus for events and meetings.

Update out of date information. Remember to look over out of date information such as your organization’s description, old website or Facebook links, how many members your club now serves, and if you have a different advisor overseeing your organization.

Agency Accounts are required for reserving classrooms and campus facilities as well as applying for grants from Club Finance Council (CFC) and Beyond Tolerance. To open an Agency Account, you are required to pay an annual fee.

NOTE: Organizations that register before June 30 will only be required to pay $35 to reactivate their agency account. After June 30, reregistering orgnations will be required to pay $55 to reactivate their agency account.

Although it differs from a typical bank account in that you have no checkbook, it may be used as the organization’s general operating fund for all income, expenditures and campus recharges. Agency Accounts expire on June 30 of the year in which they were activated.

If your organization is requesting an agency accout, one to two of the three primary leaders identified in your Registration Form must serve as Authorized Reservers. Authorized Reservers have access to make reservations on behalf of your student organization. In order to gain access, Authorized Reservers are required to complete an online Authorized Reservers Training.

When the registration form is submitted, CSI staff will cross-reference primary leaders with completed orientation and Terms and Conditions. If requirements are not complete, the form will be denied with a comment that indicates the requirements still needed. If your request is denied, this is your chance to try again.

  • Access your submissions page to resume any partial submissions or view the status of completed ones. To locate this list, click on your initial or photo in the top right of the screen and select Submissions. This defaults to your list of form submissions.
  • You can edit and re-submit denied forms by clicking the view icon (the “eye”).

Still feeling confused? Check out our step-by-step guide to re-registering your organization below!