Communication Tools

There are multiple ways CSI connects with the campus community, including Registered Student Organizations. The Center for Student Involvement reserves the right to post content at its discretion.


The Center for Student Involvement’s Bulletin is an online e-newsletter sent by CSI to leaders and many members in student organizations.

Target audience: Members of Registered Student Organizations.

Type of information to be shared:  Registered Student Organization-specific info. General announcements for all students will not be accepted.

Who can utilize this request form: Campus departments and University partners. Due to limited space in the weekly bulletin and a critical mass of nearly 800 Registered Student Organizations, RSO submissions will not be accepted.

Timeline: Please provide at least 7 days notice for any requests. The Bulletin is distributed weekly on Wednesdays during the academic year and less frequently during the summer months. Requests that do not meet deadline may be considered for the next bulletin.

Social Media

Submit your posts to be shared via the Center for Student Involvement social media channels. We are happy to post messages, events, and calls to action on our CSI Facebook Page or our Sorority and Fraternity Life Facebook Page. Please supply the following information.

Target audience: All social media followers

Type of information to be shared: Any UC Davis, student involvement, leadership, service, social opportunity

Who can utilize this request form: Campus departments, Registered Student Organizations, University partners, community agencies

Timeline: Please provide at least 7 days notice for any requests.

CSI Office LCD

CSI has a TV in our office that features LCD ads submitted directly to us.  These ads run only in our office.  See the SAMC LCD information below for ads that run in the MU and Student Community Center. If you would like an LCD ad displayed, it must meet CSI’s guidelines and be submitted to us. Each RSO can submit up to two ads per quarter. There is a limit of one week per ad. Please only submit images that are formatted for the LCD Screen–1920×1080.  Any videos submitted must be captioned if there is speaking and may not contain sound. File formats limited to .jpeg, .png, .mov., mp4. Still-image ads (e.g., photos with no animation) are limited to 10 seconds. Video ads may not contain sound and are limited to 30 seconds each. Submit your request by clicking on the button below.

Student Affairs Marketing and Communication LCD

Student Affairs Marketing and Communicationsas (SAMC) has TVs in the MU and Student Community Center that feature LCD ads submitted to SAMC . If you would like an LCD ad displayed, it must meet SAMC’s guidelines and be submitted to them. Be sure to check out the LCD advertising guidelines! Submissions  approved by SAMC will show on screens in the Memorial Union and Student Community Center.

Reaching the Residents

As a registered student organization (RSO), you may want to reach out to students living in student housing to encourage them to get involved with your organization.  The following link provides guidelines for distributing information to residents.