Changing Your Leaders

Keep your organization information up to date once your group is registered.
If you are updating leadership with new officers, follow the process below:
22-23 Authorized Reserver Change Form
1. Confirm new leaders are on the student organization's roster.

Current/outgoing student organization leaders (Primary Leader, Secondary Leader, OR Financial Officer) ensures new leaders are members of the student organization’s Roster and/or add new new leaders to the student organization’s roster.

2. Update Leaders in AggieLife

A member of the group with officer status should update leaders within the groups  AggieLife page.   

  1. Log into Aggielife
  2. Complete leader update form and provide the names and


3. New Leaders complete requirements as necessary.

Requirements include:

  • All three designated leaders are responsible for reviewing and accepting the Terms & Conditions.  An email notification will be sent to each leader once the registration has been submitted.  
4. CSI reviews and cross-references form and requirements.

When the Primary Leader Change Request Form is submitted, CSI staff will cross-reference primary leaders with completed  Terms and Conditions, and/or Authorized Reservers Training.

  • Access your submissions to resume any partial submissions or view the status of completed ones. To locate this list, click on the home button select My Surveys/Forms under My Submissions
  • Select edit on the right side to make changes or to complete forms.  Be sure to select submit or re-submit when changes have been completed.  
Transition Workshops

If your student organization is going to transition board members, consider requesting a Transition Workshop. Already Transitioned? Learn new ways to transition smoothly with increased efficiency.

If none of the three designated leaders are changing but you just want to change the authorized reservers for your organization, complete the Authorized Reserver Change Form.