Registration is an important step to renewing your student organization! Once your student organization is registered, the group is recognized by the University and becomes eligible for many privileges, opportunities and services. Services and resources available to registered student organizations include the ability to reserve campus facilities, raise funds for your group, apply for campus funding and receive resources from the Center for Student Involvement and other campus departments.

If you are a current student organization, click on each step below to open each module and learn how to register your student organization for the 2016-2017 school year:

Select five currently registered UC Davis students who will be Officers of the organization. In order for a re-registration request to be sent, one of the officers from the past 2015-2016 school year must edit your student organization’s current OrgSync profile. This officer will need to obtain all the new officers’ basic contact information including email addresses, and phone numbers. Each new officer will then need to complete the registration process on OrgSync by signing the Terms and Conditions sent to them through their provided email address.

You will also need to delegate two out of the five officers to be Authorized Reservers. The Authorized Reservers are responsible for reserving space on campus for events and meetings. You will need their UC Davis login ID for this information.

Update out of date information. Remember to look over out of date information such as your organization’s description, old website or Facebook links, how many members your club now serves, and if you have a different advisor overseeing your organization.

As part of registration renewal, the President and/or Treasurer must complete online orientation, as it aims to equip each officer with the tools and skills needed to understand the different policies and procedures in running a student organization. Online orientation can be found here.

All five officers are responsible for reviewing and accepting the Terms & Conditions. Each Officer will need to complete the registration process on OrgSync by signing the Terms and Conditions sent to them through their provided email address.

Agency Accounts are required for reserving classrooms and campus facilities as well as applying for grants from CFC and CSI – Beyond Tolerance. To open an Agency Account, you are required to pay the $35 annual fee. Although it differs from a typical bank account in that you have no checkbook, it may be used as the organization’s general operating fund for all income, expenditures and campus recharges.


If your student organization has not registered with the Center for Student Involvement in the past and you are trying to register as a NEW student organization for the upcoming school year, please click here to read further instructions on how to do that.