Journal of Leadership Studies

Launched in 2007 through Jossey-Bass/Wiley, the mission of the Journal of Leadership Studies (JOLS) is to publish leadership research and theoretical contributions that bridge the gap between scholarship and practice and that exemplify critical inquiry into contemporary organizational issues and paradigms. The journal promotes interdisciplinary and interorganizational theory, fostering dialogue that transcends industry specific contexts and that explores leadership’s role in improving organizational practices and human life. Published material in the journal includes research-based and theoretical papers that explicitly address leadership on various social, cultural, and organizational contexts. The journal incorporates contributions from business, non-profit organizations, government entities, education, and health care; however, the emphasis on leadership theory and practice spans the boundaries between these settings to promote discussions that center on human activity and interrelations. Accordingly, material published in the journal represents a wide range of methodological approaches and theoretical foundations of leadership.