Re-registering in Aggielife

You can view which of your organizations might be up for registration by accessing your Action Center for the organization. To access Action Center, click the Switchboard Icon on the top right hand corner of your Engage community and click “Manage”.

Image of AggieLife Home screen header

From your Action Center home page, you will see a list of your organizations. From here, there are two ways you can go about re-registering your organization.

Select a single organization to view

Click the name of an organization to navigate to the management section for that organization. If the organization is eligible for registration, you will see the following message:

image of AL portal re-register button

Click “Re-Register this organization” to start the re-registration process.

View re-registration eligibility of all organizations

On your Action Center homepage, select the “Register an Organization” button on the right hand side of My Memberships

image of my membership register button location