Meeting Reservations


IMPORTANT: Meetings are events that DO NOT require additional event support, such as facility staff labor, ticketing, catering, AggieHost, etc. If your event requires any event support, your event will be classified as a Special Event.

All Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) receive up to 4 hours per week for free. You CANNOT culminate your organization’s weekly allotment. The 4-hour allotment renews every Sunday and expires Saturday.

Meeting reservation requests open shortly before each quarter.

    • Fall: 1st day of Fall quarter (NOT the 1st day of instruction)
    • Winter: the last day of instruction for Fall quarter
    • Spring: the last day of instruction for Winter quarter
    • Summer: After your RSO re-registers their organization

RSOs must submit their request two days before your event date to ensure enough time for approval.

Reservation Request Requirements

To make ANY reservation on the mian UC Davis campus, your RSO must have the following:

    1. Your organization must be registered and in good standing with the Center for Student Involvement (CSI).
    2. Your RSO must have an active Agency Account.
    3. There are 1-2 Authorized Reservers, one of the 3 primary RSO officers.
Available Facilities for Meetings 

Academic Space or Classrooms (i.e., Wellman, Olson, California Hall, etc.)

      • Available Monday-Friday 6-10:30PM
      • Available Saturday-Sunday 7-10:30PM

Additional Meeting Spaces:

      • Activities & Recreation Center (ARC): Meeting Room 1-3
      • Student Community Center (SCC): Meeting Room A-E
      • Memorial Union (MU): DeCarli, Fielder, Garrison, Smith

**These spaces are available all day during their designated operating hours

Making a Reservation

1. Go to the Conference & Event Services website and click on ‘Students, Staff, and Campus Interest Groups’ to access the Online Reservation Form.

2. Once you’re logged in, click on ‘New Reservation,’ and if you’re an Authorized Reserver for multiple RSOs, choose the correct organization profile.

3. Next, check your desired building/room’s availability, and fill out the following information:

      • Building name & room number
      • Event Date
      • Estimated Attendance
      • Client Access Time – The time the RSO (client) can setup and cleanup for their event.
      • Event Time: The actual time of the event when guests are expected to arrive

4. When you all your reservation information, click “Proceed to Event Information”.

5. Afterward, complete the follwoing questions such as contact, billing, and event information such as whether you’ll be collecting money or have amplified sound.

6. When you click “Submit,” the CSI Reservation team will be reach out to you in 2-3 business days with potential next steps.

Reservation Fees

If your RSO goes over your 4-hour weekly allotment, you’ll be charged the following fee depending on the facility you’ve reserved.

      • Academic Space or Classroom = $33 reservation fee (per room for each day)
      • ARC, SCC, MU Meeting Rooms = $33 reservation fee + $10 per additional hour

Also, your RSO may be charge additional fees for the following situations:

Reservation Date Adjustment Results in a cancellation (No CES charges, but there may be additional fees for coordination of services requested through Reservation Coordinator.)
Reservation Location Adjustment Results in a cancellation (No CES charges, but there may be additional fees for coordination of services requested through Reservation Coordinator.)
Reservation Time Adjustment Changes will incur a coordination fee which will be billed in 15 minute increments at CES hourly rate of $105
Reservation Account Number Adjustment $20 coordination fee for Departments (RSO may only use assigned account)
RSO reserves a non-billable space in the MU and does not show up $15 per hour no show fee

Note: Reservation requests on hold due to insufficient funds must be acted upon within 2 business days. Failure to do so may result in the request being cancelled.